The system MythoVent has been developed during the last few years in close collaboration with the TÜV southgermany and experienced doctors for intensive care. The specifications for the respiration-system MythoVent were dictated by the everyday life of clinics. Implemented primary objects for the system are:

The MythoVent is a system for artificial respiration with the full spectrum of the most modern ventilation modes. In addition the MythoVent2 hast a built in simultaneous multifunctional vitalparameter monitoring with ECG / 2* invasiv blood pressure / noninvasiv bloodpressure / Pulsoxymetry / Capnometry (CO2) sidestream / Cardiac Output / 2* temperature.

Some reflections concerning the customers benefit demonstrate clearly how innovative and trendsetting the system MythoVent is for the market. By providing a full ICU with the system MythoVent2 for ventilation you have at the same time a multifunctional vital parameter monitoring system in a very compact and economy way. Well known compatibility problems between ventilator/monitor and central station are past. The item is connected via intra/ethernet with a standard Personal Computer. Special central stations are not necessary any longer. Furthermore there are no expensive special mounting systems etc. required

To save expenses because of the flexibility of the system, follow-up costs, consumables, ease to learn and work with the system is determining in a market which is obliged to reduce costs without loosing quality of the therapy.

The world-wide market of intensive care ventilation is changing seriously at the moment: Due to the enormous cost pressure on all health care systems, already now and increasingly in the future, investments in clinical intensive care ventilation systems will only happen, if requirements in patient safety, operator convenience, low operational- and consequential-costs and highest efficiency due to the "reduction of residence time" are met. The international implementation of lump-sums for billing according to "DRG" (Diagnosis Related Groups) will strengthen this unambiguous trend considerably. For this reason a great amount of presently installed devices - according to reliable use of estimates about 65 percent - do not meet the criteria of rationalisation and have to replaced by suitable modern systems. The MythoVent/2-solution is predestinated for such applications, because it's concept is being laid out for fast and safe weaning of the patient from the ventilation system.

The attainment of the primary objective for every intensive care ventilation is implemented by a set of unique selling propositions, like fast and safe measuring/monitoring of O2/CO2 in single breath resolution, not only for maximum safety of clinical application but also for documentation of billing.

A number of patent applications contribute to protect the technological margin. Here it is about the thematic core competences, like:

For the breathing:

  • Foult tolerant sensor technology
  • Intelligent, automatic cuff pressure control
  • Respiratory noise recognition and analysis for alarm prevention
  • Specific design/engeneering of the patient cassette
  • Functional combination of spirometry-sensor and "artificial nose"

For further development:

  • Control, technology and management of infusion-devices
  • Coupling technology of intravenous (fluid) and und volatile (gaseous) anaesthetic





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